Make them feel just like home!

These are our top-6 tips to become the best host:

Travelling to a different country or city is a unique experience. Our guests arrived with high expectations of knowing the beautiful city we live in, Buenos Aires. Give them a warm welcome!

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Dinner time in BA! …without spending too much

In other occasion we’ve been around Buenos Aires looking for the best 10 restaurants. These places were outstanding for providing an unforgettable gastronomic experience, unique environments and the best national and international dishes. However, it’s also a main characteristic that these places are not the most affordable. For this reason, today we’ll make a different ranking, we’ll go to restaurants that provide the best dishes in a reasonable price. Some of them are very popular today, but others are places that only people that lives in Buenos Aires know.
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Where to? Time to shop in Buenos Aires!

When we are in a different city, we can’t help seeing those things, like clothing, electronics or local products that we wouldn’t be able to buy in our city. When we want to shop for something exclusive or unique, a souvenir or something we wouldn’t get in our city is really important to know where to go. Today we will make a list with those places we can go to if we want to do some shopping.
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The benefits of preparing meals during a trip

Empanadas Argentina

When we go on holiday, the topic of food is never a small matter. Undoubtedly, part of the whole experience of discovering a new place is trying the local cuisine. However, not knowing how certain dishes are prepared and trying food that is unfamiliar can leave us frustrated and prevents us from enjoying the rest of the stay.
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