Buenos Aires at night – Bars and Nightclubs

People of all ages that live in Buenos Aires think that this city has the longest nights in the world. This is because there is a part of the city that wakes up when the day is getting dark.

Young people have always had different options to have fun from the beginning of the night till dawn. A few years ago, these places have begun to focus in one particular neighborhood in Buenos Aires, and the chosen one has been Palermo.

Today we will make a tour through this neighborhood, the favorite for the people who visit Buenos Aires, indicating exclusively where we have to go if we are looking for a place to have fun with friends.

Bars and clubs in Buenos Aires

TOP # 5 – Plaza Serrano

Located in Serrano St. and Honduras St., Plaza Serrano’s main characteristic is that it offers a wide variety of options during the day and the night. In the streets that surround this Park, people that like to sightsee during the day will find clothing stores and many others exclusive decoration and design stores. On the park, during the afternoon, there is a fair built where you can buy different handmade products in a good price. In this occasion, however, we will focus in the wide variety of bares and restaurants located in the streets around Plaza Serrano. This places offer food during the day, but also remains open till late at night offering young people the best drinks and the best music.

Here there is a list with the 5 most popular places in Plaza Serrano:

# 1 – Tazz

Located in 1556 Serrano St. besides having a wide variety of the best drinks, Tazz also has pool tables to have fun among friends listening to the best pop music. This place, like the others located around the park, has tables inside and outside the bar for those who like to spend time outdoors with friends.

# 2 – Brujas

Located in 1640 Borges St., Brujas offers not only the option of having something to drink with friends but also enjoying a good meal. At midnight, Brujas open the dance floor with the most popular latin music.

# 3 – Club Serrano

Located in 1551 Serrano St., Club Serrano opens very early in the morning to offer a great breakfast service and remains open offering a nice environment in each moment of the day. It has a first floor with a beautiful deck and an open terrace to enjoy not only a wide variety of food and drinks, but also the best live music.

# 4 – Utopía

Open everyday from the afternoon till 2 am, Utopia is located in 1590 Serrano St. This is one of the most popular bars in Plaza Serrano. It has a great menu and a wide variety of drinks.

# 5 – Crónico

Located in 1646 Borges St., Cronico is the most popular and antique bar in Plaza Serrano. This bar offers different kinds of food and drinks. Besides, it’s popular for transmitting the most important sport events.

TOP # 10 – The best discos

In Palermo, we will not only find the best bars, but also de most popular discotheques in the city. Find below a list with the 10 main places to go dancing in Buenos Aires.
# 1 Pacha

Located face to the river in Costanera Rafael Obligado Av. and La Pampa St., Pacha is the most important disco in Buenos Aires. With a great decoration, the best illumination system and a great quality of sound, this disco offers the best techno, trance and house music guided by the best national and international djs.

# 2 Kika Club

Located in 5339 Honduras St., Kika Club opens from Tuesday to Sunday with rock, Pop and Dance music. It also has the best variety of national and international drinks.
# 3 Jet

From 23 hs, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays the best option is going to one of the most exclusive discos in Buenos Aires. The access to Jet is only allowed with prior reservation. With a modern decoration and the best sound quality Jet offers the best techno and house music guide by the national and international djs. Located in 4801 Rafael Obligado Av.
# 4 Tequila

Located also in Costanera, Tequila is one of the most exclusive discos in the city.

Located in 6211 Rafael Obligado Av., the access is only allowed with prior invitations. This place is ideal for people that enjoy house music. Tequila offers as well the best national and international drinks.
# 5 Esperanto

Located in 1625 Juan B. Justo, from 22 hs Esperanto opens for those guests who want to have dinner before dancing with the best latin music. Esperanto is also popular for being the favorite disco of the TV celebrities of Argentina.
# 6 The Roxy Live

Located in 5542 Niceto Vega Av, The Roxy Live is the best option for people that enjoy rock n roll. This place opens at 23 hs with live shows of national rock bands and then continues with the best rock music of all times.

# 7 INK

Located in 5635 Niceto Vega Av., INK Offers the best techno music, in this place with modern decoration and high tech sound. From 22 hs, INK offers dinner and live shows before opening the dance floor.

# 8 Rose Bar

Located in 5445 Honduras St., Rose Bar opens on Thursdays from 19 to 2 hs and Fridays and Sundays from 22 hs to 6 hs. This place offers dinner service for its guests before opening the dance floor with the best pop, dance and latin music.

# 9 Brook

Brook is one of the newest discos in Buenos Aires. On Fridays and Saturdays from 22 hs, Brook offers dinner and live shows before opening the dance floor. This place is characterized for having a big terrace for people that enjoy spending time outdoors listening to the best latin music. Located in 1574 Juan B. Justo Av.
# 10 Groove

 Located in 4389 Santa Fe Av., Groove is open on Fridays and Saturdays. On Fridays it offers latin music and on Saturdays the best national and international rock and roll. For those who enjoy live music, on Saturdays Groove offers concerts of the most famous national bands.

April 2014 Buenos Aires Events Calendar

Here we have the Abril 2014 Buenos Aires events calendar.

Baires Apartments can offer you a large selection of vacation renatls, fully equipped for your stay during the congress/event in Buenos Aires. Contact us!

Click on the image to enlarge:

Buenos Aires Events in April 2014

Click on the image to enlarge

Here you have a series of links to the event’s websites so you can get more information and get tickets:

-          Exposición – Colores del Silencio: http://bit.ly/1j0ezzS

-          Exposición – Joseph Beuys en Proa: http://bit.ly/1daXqRR

-          Exposición – Mario Testino: In Your Face en el MALBA: http://bit.ly/MqOxXV

-          Exposición Caravana Negra: Gabinete de Curiosidades: http://bit.ly/1gU5w1M

-          Lollapalooza Argentina 2014: http://bit.ly/1nByMOo

-          BAFICI 2014: http://bit.ly/1j0umPc

-          Recital – Cage the Elephant: http://bit.ly/1gUZeuH

-          Recital – Johnny Marr: http://bit.ly/1cWACok

-          7º Conferencia Internacional sobre avances en EPOC: http://bit.ly/1iZd84S

-          Recital – David Bisbal: http://bit.ly/1jwA9dd

-          Recital – Gun’s and Roses: http://bit.ly/1fKTkLy

-          44º Congreso Argentino de Cirugía Plástica: http://bit.ly/1gxJmMO

-           Congreso Argentino de Hipertensión Arterial: http://bit.ly/PLVWTv

-          Recital – Los Cafres: http://bit.ly/1hwiVMh

-          Recital – Hernán Cattaneo: http://bit.ly/1gL8KDG

-          Recital – Placebo: http://bit.ly/1rtYYKf

-          Recital – Lisandro Aristimuño: http://bit.ly/1hwjFAT

-          Feria Buenos Aires Vinilo 2014: http://bit.ly/1fKUvux

-          Recital –Macy Gray: http://bit.ly/1fpihjh

-          Feria del Libro 2014 (La Rural): http://bit.ly/1ifb2tU

-          IV Simposio Internacional de Cuidados Críticos de la FCCHI: http://bit.ly/1qPFH5N

-          Congreso SOLACI – CACI en asociación con TCT: http://bit.ly/1da6tCu

-          Festival de Arte MIRÁ 2014: http://bit.ly/1ggOJQs

-          Simposio Internacional de Bioética: http://bit.ly/1pI3scD

-          Recital – Dios Salve a la Reina: http://bit.ly/1hs9H3u

-          Recital – Fito Páez: http://bit.ly/1hiFQrJ

-          Recital – Ciro y los Persas: http://bit.ly/1fo3VeF

-           Recital – Ruben Bládes: http://bit.ly/1fGFZ71

Esperamos que hayan encontrado util esta informacion!

Where to? Time to shop in Buenos Aires!

When we are in a different city, we can’t help seeing those things, like clothing, electronics or local products that we wouldn’t be able to buy in our city. When we want to shop for something exclusive or unique, a souvenir or something we wouldn’t get in our city is really important to know where to go. Today we will make a list with those places we can go to if we want to do some shopping.

Alto Palermo Shopping Center

We can find one of the most popular malls in Buenos Aires in Palermo. Located in 3253 Santa Fe Av., Alto Palermo Shopping Center has over 150 stores where we can get from clothing and accessories till the latest in electronics. This mall also has a wide variety of national and international restaurants. Around this mall, there are also other stores where we can buy all kinds or products in a reasonable price.

Alto Palermo Shopping

Alto Palermo Shopping on Santa Fe Ave.

Abasto Shopping

Located in 3247 Corrientes Av., Abasto Shopping has a wide variety of options for the whole family. There we will not only find the best brands in clothing and electronics but also different kinds of attractions for people all ages. Among them we will find Neverland, one of the main attractions for kids, it has a variety of the funniest electronic games. In Abasto Shopping we can also find “El museo de los niños” (the kids museum) where the whole family can enjoy with educative and didactic activities.

Abasto Shopping

Abasto Shopping on Corrientes Ave.

Plaza Armenia

Around Armenia Park in Palermo, we can find the best bars and restaurants to enjoy some time with family and friends. There we will also find different kinds of stores to buy clothing and accessories, some of them are characterized for selling only exclusive products.

Armenia Square Shopping

Armenia Square Shopping in Style

Florida Street

Located downtown, we will find one of the most famous streets in Buenos Aires, Florida Av. There we will find a wide variety of all kinds of stores. This street is ideal to spend some time outdoor while we get all kinds of national and international products.

In this street, we will also enjoy different kinds of shows performed by local street artists.

Florida Street Shopping

Florida Street Shopping

Gallerias Pacifico

Located in 737 Florida Av., GaleriasPacifico is one of the most traditional malls in Buenos Aires. We will have not only the chance to buy in the best stores, or choose among a wide variety of restaurants but also enjoy with the beauty of the building. Its decoration has beautiful murals painted by famous artists and a great domed structure in the center. From Monday to Friday, Galerias Pacifico offers guided visits for those people who want to know the history of the building.

Galerias Pacifico Shopping

Galerias Pacifico Shopping

So now you know, jump into the shopping world of Buenos Aires In Baires Apartments we give you all the best tips so you can get the most out of our city!

The benefits of preparing meals during a trip

Empanadas Argentina

When we go on holiday, the topic of food is never a small matter. Undoubtedly, part of the whole experience of discovering a new place is trying the local cuisine. However, not knowing how certain dishes are prepared and trying food that is unfamiliar can leave us frustrated and prevents us from enjoying the rest of the stay.

Choosing a hotel room with self catering facilities can therefore bring many benefits. It gives us the opportunity to eat in restaurants, but also allows us to prepare food that we´re used to.  We´re able to choose between enjoying new dishes in each place we visit and continuing with our familiar diet whilst cooking in the peace and quiet of our own private kitchen.

From an economic point of view, this is a good option, as preparing our own food allows us to save money and reassures us that what we’re consuming is fresh.

Although fast food restaurants can be a quick and cheap alternative, the reality is that we end up consuming unhealthy food renowned for its long term health risks. The best way to maintain a healthy diet is by taking a few minutes in the kitchen to pick and choose our meals. We should also take notice of the way we prepare them (choosing the oven over the frying pan for example). This also means we benefit from not feeling stuffed with junk foods, and will give us more energy which allows us to enjoy our trip more.

In Argentina, people often eat dinner between 9 and 11 PM. For those who are used to eating early and don’t want to wait this late, a self catered room with a fully fitted kitchen would be the best option.

To make sure you´re not tempted to eat out every night during your trip, here´s some advice for when you go shopping:

  • Choose greengrocers, butchers, and bakers over large supermarket chains. These products are better quality and in some cases you may be able to purchase organic products (if this is what you prefer).
  • Ask for seasonal fruit and vegetables. Not only will they be cheaper, but also more flavorsome.
  • In certain parts of Buenos Aires there are farmers markets at the weekends. Visit them to discover unique flavors, meet the farmers and find out how they’re produced.
  • Buy what you plan to use on the day, or at the earliest the day before, so that what you´ve bought hasn´t started to go off. If you change your mind about what you´re planning to eat then you won´t have to go to some sort of fast food chain or restaurant.

Along with these tips, we suggest you try this really easy recipe, suitable for even the most inexperienced cooks. Perfect for any time of year!

Ham, cheese and olive empanadas


- Ready-made empanada pastry (sold in packets of 12)
- 400 grams of ‘Cuartirolo’ cheese
- 200 grams of cooked sliced ham
- Pitted olives
- 1 egg


1) Cut the cheese into finger sized pieces. Wrap them in slices of ham. Repeat 12 times.

2) Cut the olives.

3) Place the cheese, the ham and some of the sliced olives in the middle of the pastry discs.

4) Brush the edges with the beaten egg (this will help the pastry to bind).

5) Fold the pastry disc in half, locking in the rest of the ingredients.

6) Press down firmly with a fork along the edges to bring the layers together and close the empanada. If you want to, you can try the traditional “pinching” technique. Instructions for this can be found online.

7) Repeat with the rest of the pastry discs. Place them on a greased baking tray and brush the empanadas with the rest of the beaten egg.

8) Place in the oven until they turn golden brown (approximately 30 to 45 minutes).

Serve and enjoy!

Things you MUST do once you are in Buenos Aires

When we visit a city for the first time, we plan our trip upon the places that we have to visit. However, in this occasion we offer a different kind of list. A list with those things that we have to do, traditional of Buenos Aires and which are not specific places to visit but new experiences to live.

Drink “mate”

Drinking “mate” is something traditional in Argentina and without a doubt we should try it if we visit the country. There are different ways to do it, because nowadays “mate” is a drink offered in some of the most popular bars in Buenos Aires and as traditional as coffee or tea.

However, drinking “mate” isn’t something that we have to do exclusively in a bar. We can buy our own “mate kit” in a grocery or a souvenir store and drink mates outdoors as most of Argentinean do.

Mate Buenos Aires

Visit a trade fair

Trade fairs in Buenos Aires are held exclusively during the weekends in different parks of the city. There are different booths in the fairs where we can buy a wide variety of handcrafted products, antiques and even clothing in a very reasonable price. There, you can also enjoy different shows performed in the streets with traditional music and dancing.

Among the most important trade fairs in the city we find the one located in a park called Gral. Manuel Belgrano in Belgrano (Juramento Av. and Vuelta de Obligado, a  block away from Cabildo Av.). On Sundays, in San Telmo, the trade fair is held around Dorrego Park (Defensa St. and Humberto Primo St.).

Ferias en Buenos Aires

Taste traditional food

Buenos Aires offers a wide variety of dishes inspired in international food, but also there are some traditional dishes that we should try if we are in Buenos Aires. It’s not important if we go to the best restaurant in the city or the closest one in the neighborhood we’re staying, roast meat “asado” is a specialty in Argentine and we not only should try it, we will not be able to forget it.

Another traditional Argentinean meal is “empanadas” which are not only delicious but also affordable and ideal when we want to have a quick lunch before continuing our tour through the city.

Probar la carne argentina

Visit a “milonga”

Known as the Argentinean typical dance, Tango is considerate an art in the whole world. In San Telmo neighborhood, we can find the oldest bars of the city, also known as “milongas”, where we can have something to drink while we enjoy the music and the dancing. In some of these places we can also take classes for those people who want to take the experience to the maximum.

Tango y Milonga

Argentinean passion for football

Argentinean people have always been fans of many sports, but it’s definitely football the one that awakes the passion. People who visit the country have the chance to visit the stadiums, where the best football players started their careers. For those who wish to take the experience to the maximum, going to a football match is ideal. You will not only enjoy a sporting event but also share a true Argentinean passion.

Futbol argentino

What else do you think we are missing here? You are welcome to share your suggestions with the rest of the readers!

February 2014 Buenos Aires Events Calendar

Here we have the February 2014 Buenos Aires events calendar.

Remember that Baires Apartments can offer you a variety of apartments fully furnished and equipped for your stay during the congress/event in Buenos Aires. Contact us!

Click on the image to enlarge:

Events in BA February 2014

Events taking place in Buenos Aires in February 2014

To us, these are the most important events of the month, so we would like to suggest accommodation in some of our apartments that will be available and close to each event:

Copa Claro ATP Buenos Aires -  Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club – Olleros 1510 (10-16/2)
Suggested apartments:

Ortega y Gasset & Baez II

S. de la Independencia & F. Lacroze II

Arce & J. Newbery II

Marchi & Dorrego


BAFWEEK 2014 Otoño- Invierno – La Rural – Av. Sarmiento 2704 (15-18/2)

Oro & Guatemala 303 (Gold Soho)

Godoy Cruz & Guatemala

Paraguay & Godoy Cruz III


Rock BA 2014  - Ciudad del Rock en la Zona Sur – Av. Fernández de la Cruz y Av. Escalada (13-16/2)

Chile Studios

Defensa & Independencia II

Tacuari & C. Calvo II

Ultra Music Festival Buenos Aires
 – Costanera Sur – Av. España 2230 (21-22/2)

Chile Studios

Apart Independencia II

Tacuari & Humberto Primo


Charly García en el Teatro Colón – Teatro Colón – Tucumán 1171 (22/2)

Corrientes & Esmeralda VII

Maipu & Corrientes II

Cordoba & Florida


Here you have a series of links to the event’s websites so you can get more information and get tickets:

-          Buenos Aires Playa: http://bit.ly/1gKmE7b

-          Verano Sobre Hielo (La Rural): http://bit.ly/Lzd5N7

-          Muestra Ron Mueck en el Proa: http://bit.ly/19hyP5T

-          EFICA 2014: Feria Internacional del Calzado Argentino: http://bit.ly/1jglPqv

-          Michael Cooper: Stones 50 (Centro Cultural Borges): http://bit.ly/1fgj5bu

-          Recital Miranda!: http://bit.ly/1eqNAug

-          Dancing Mood Bajo las Estrellas: http://bit.ly/1hwoJq3

-          Queremos tanto a Woody (Centro Cultural Borges): http://bit.ly/1dqP2Hd

-          Ciclo de Road Movies (MALBA): http://bit.ly/1em266M

-          Nuevo Homenaje a Luis Alberto Spinetta: http://bit.ly/1fI6knP

-          Claudina Placenti en el Jardín Botánico: http://bit.ly/1cVyrQ6

-          Copa Claro ATP Buenos Aires: http://bit.ly/1eqObMN

-          Recital Las Pastillas del Abuelo: http://bit.ly/1b2FmZ2

-          Rock BA 2014: https://www.facebook.com/RockenBA

-          Recital Ricardo Montaner: http://bit.ly/1cVzmA6

-          Recital Transatlantic: http://bit.ly/1b2FXtI

-          BAFWEEK – Otoño Invierno 2014: http://bit.ly/1kdIfc0

-          Ultra Music Festival Buenos Aires: http://bit.ly/1isJktr

-          Recital Rod Stewart: http://bit.ly/1fQiiLf

-          Recital Laura Pausini: http://bit.ly/1eNjuPZ

-          Charly García en el Teatro Colón: http://bit.ly/1dqQmtp

-          CEMCA Argentina 2014: Exposición de Piel y Cuero: http://bit.ly/1brzWRW

-          Caravana Negra: Gabinete de Curiosidades (Alianza Francesa Buenos Aires): http://bit.ly/N3FuwH

-          Recital Alejandro Fernández: http://bit.ly/1cVAZOd


We hope you find this information useful! If you do, please leave us your comment!

Are you an apartment or a hotel kind of person? Survey results!

Holiday rentals are something the majority of you have already tried, with 97% of respondents to our survey saying that they have rented an apartment at least once. On delving further, for 40% of you it is a frequent choice, while for 30% is it always the first choice.

People who rented apartments

People who rented apartments

There are two main reasons why you prefer apartments to hotels:  you get more space for less money and, above all, the freedom that they provide. Also, the possibility of experiencing living closer to locals is something that 18.5% of you value as a positive aspect.

Reasons for choosing apartments over hotels

Reasons for choosing apartments over hotels

For you, staying in an apartment is the best option when taking longer trips or when staying with family. It undoubtedly offers a lot of advantages: you have more space, you can ‘make it your own’, and perhaps more importantly, you have total independence to come and go as you please, to stay at home to eat, to take a rest during the day, to rearrange the room etc.

Ideal kind of trips for apartments

Ideal kind of trips for apartments

As one of the tales you gave us recounts, staying in an apartment allows you to plan your meals and to eat healthier as a result: a good idea is to look for a nearby supermarket on the first day and to do a healthy food shop… but then you get hooked on the local food and end up having to give the fresh stuff to neighbours!

Speaking of neighbours, many of your stories tell how living with locals gives you the chance to get to know local customs and traditions, and to even be invited to birthdays and other colourful celebrations.

We have really enjoyed reading your stories about your stays in apartments. Some of them seem incredible; with one apartment stay even demonstrating an adventurous personality being rewarded by fate: years after losing touch with an old flame due to long distance, the apartment rented by our friend for her holiday (we´ll call her Laura) ended up being in the same block as his! They bumped into each other in the lift and… let´s just say all those rooms weren´t needed!

However, there are things that hotels offer that you miss: the daily care, maintenance and cleaning of rooms. We´re continuing to work hard and innovate so that this is no longer a problem! What would you like for us to do to fix it?

Summer has arrived to Buenos Aires!

Summer in Buenos Aires

There´s one season of the year in which there is a special air about Buenos Aires, and that season is summer. The hustle and bustle usually found in the city transforms during these warmer months, slowing down and leaving the city with a more relaxed feel about it.

You can already notice it in the streets, where, while still fairly crowded, the numbers of passer-bys have started to drop. Many of the city´s residents flock to nearby coastal towns to take a break from work and enjoy the beautiful beaches, while many others opt to stay and take advantage of what the country´s capital has to offer, despite the soaring heat that will be felt between December and March.

The woodlands in Palermo (found in Av. Libertador and Av. Sarmiento) are the most popular destinations at this time of year. During this peak season, the woods are filled with young people having picnics, people in their deck chairs sharing mate with their friends or basking in the sun, teenagers exercising on skates or bikes, and couples of all ages taking a walk amongst the shadows cast by the variety of trees that make up this beautiful landscape.

Typical Argentinean beverage mate is a tea usually served hot, but still continues to be a popular drink despite the warm weather. It is possible to find a cold version called tereré, also a mixture of fruit juices that, when combined with the mate herb, gives it a very distinctive taste and refreshing quality.

To accompany these beverages, Argentineans prefer sweet, flour-based snacks such as pastries, churros (fried dough rolls usually filled with a sweet custard or cream and sprinkled with sugar) or cubanitos (hard dough rolls filled with custard cream). Those that prefer a more salty taste opt for biscochos de grasa (cupcakes made typically from the fat of cows).

The country´s population is made up of a high percentage of descendants of Italian immigrants that arrived between 1880 and 1910. This is important when you picture summer in these parts and their inherited love for ice cream.  Many companies that produce it come from these origins and have adapted to local tastes by offering a variety of flavours and portions a lot larger than those normally served on the ‘old continent’.

At night you can enjoy a picada with a cold beer (as is the custom) in one of the many and diverse eateries to be found. They are usually presented on a wooden board, served with a variety of cheeses (Pategrás and Gouda being the most popular) and accompanied by an array of sausages such as salmines and chorizos secos. The plate is finished off with green or black olives, salted or shelled peanuts and slices of bread. This option doesn´t replace dinner, but rather comes before it. Taken from its name, picar (to nibble) or picotear (to peck at), it means to nibble on something small in the same way a bird would, reducing your appetite while you wait for the main meal which will fully satisfy your hunger.

To walk through the city during its most peaceful season really is a joy to behold. Without being distracted by hordes of people filling the streets, you can fully appreciate it´s impressive European-style architecture, allowing you to relax, contemplate and catch a glimpse into the slower paced lifestyle of its inhabitants, if only for a few minutes. You can always start to look for somewhere a bit busier if you want (remember than Buenos Aires doesn´t stop just because a lot of people have left to enjoy their holidays), while those who find themselves in quieter surroundings can adapt to see whatever they want on any given day.  Undoubtedly a great opportunity to get to know another side of this metropolis.

Argentina through neighboring eyes


Argentina is hugely popular amongst visitors from its neighboring countries. Here we will discuss just some of the things that are a proving a big attraction for such visitors.

When we think about what might be the main attraction, one of the first words that springs to mind is football. Argentineans are extremely passionate about football, to that point that you´ll find people playing it day and night in all cities and towns across the country. There are lots of clubs, as well as professional fields and ´Five-a-side´ (a version with fewer players and a shorter playing time).

Going to a football match is a spectacle in itself, while the football schools found in the capital are renowned for their high class coaching and producing players of international quality.

The Tango is another big draw for visitors. This unique and seductive music almost shrouds the dance floor in a cloak mystery, tempting even those who have no experience to give it a try.

Several variations of this musical genre can be heard today, from your typical orchestras to little groups playing classic guitar, right through to the increasingly popular ´electronic Tango´.

Continuing on with the arts, the film industry in Argentina has seen a huge surge in recent years, both in the number and quality of films produced. For example, ´El secreto de sus ojos´ won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2010. Since then Buenos Aires and other urban areas have been and continue to be host to several film festivals, seminars and conferences, all with big names in attendance.

The city of Buenos Aires is also home to a number of important museums. Whether it be history or art, collections of high cultural importance are exhibited throughout the whole year, attracting many visitors.

As for the food, the meat produced in Argentina is top quality as the bovine cattle are fattened through grazing. We only have to travel through the country to see the vast amounts of land dedicated to this, as well as the amount of animals bred especially for this purpose. Hereford and Holando-Argentina are the most common breeds of cattle. They can be found at just about any restaurant, and at a low price due to them being readily available and produced. The most typical way it is prepared is ´Asado´ (roasted), in which the meat is cooked over a wood fire for several hours, and accompanied by red wine. This is followed by Argentina´s most traditional dessert ´pastelito´, a fried pastry filled with quince paste.

From a geographical point of view, the country has an extensive land area, made up of many different landscapes. From the Cataratas del Iguazú in the north, to the Glaciar Perito Moreno in the south, passing through the Ruinas de San Ignacio and the beaches of Buenos Aires province, as well as many more in between. There are so many different views to be seen all on the same trip.

A final point of interest in the eyes of its neighbors is that Argentina, since the 2001 crisis, has managed to achieve and maintain a certain level of economic stability and job security for its workers. This ability to bounce back from adversity is also a common characteristic found in the Argentinean personality, something that is an attractive quality in the eyes of foreigners. A popular phrase often heard is: “lo atamos con alambre” (literally “we tie it with wire”), which refers to the action of seeking solutions to problems, even if they are nothing more than the most sensible and basic starting points.

Due to the above reasons, as well as others, many people choose Argentina as their place to live, integrating themselves into the current society. This only adds further to a culture distinguished by the mixing of several other social backgrounds, and which date back to colonial times.

For its landscape, sports, cultural expressions, cuisine, and its people, Argentina is very much worth the visit.


December 2013 Buenos Aires Events Calendar

Here we have the December 2013 Buenos Aires events calendar.

Remember that Baires Apartments can offer you a variety of apartments in buenos aires, fully furnished and equipped for your stay during the congress/event. Contact us!

December 2013 Buenos Aires Event Calendar

December 2013 Buenos Aires Event Calendar. Click on the picture to enlarge


Click on the image to view it in full-size resolution

Here you have a series of links to the event’s websites so you can get more information:

- XII Congreso de la sociedad Latinoamericana y del Caribe del Trasplante:


- 50º Congreso Argentino de Ortopedia y Traumatología: http://bit.ly/1g7m59H

- Joan Miró: El Jardín de las Maravillas: http://bit.ly/1gF1dUE

- Contemporáneo 30: Elba Bairon en el Malba: http://bit.ly/1iA7VQt

- Muestra Ron Mueck en el Proca: http://bit.ly/19hyP5T

- Fuerza Bruta: http://bit.ly/1bhbhSI

- IV Jornada del Consejo de Insuficiencia Cardiaca e Hipertensión Pulmona:


- Feria Internacional de Artesanías en Buenos Aires:  http://bit.ly/18mlgls

- VIII Festival Beckett Buenos Aires: http://bit.ly/1eQ9q7t

- Handel Feria de Diseño: http://bit.ly/1cbxIFG

- XIV Reunión de Jóvenes Endoscopistas – ENDIBA: http://bit.ly/IsHdJi

- Recital The magic numbers: http://bit.ly/1cYqZRh

- Recital Andrés Calamaro: http://bit.ly/IOkOGH

- Gallery nights: http://bit.ly/IOkVCd

- Recital Manu Chao: http://bit.ly/19hziVQ

- Expo Todo Mujer Navideña: http://bit.ly/1jmxq5q

- Colección Navidad (Feria de Diseño): http://bit.ly/1g7nkFW

- Recital Stevie Wonder:  http://bit.ly/1jmy6YM

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