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BAires Apartments is a property/tourism oriented company. We started out as a temporary apartment rental company in Buenos Aires  several years ago, taking care of a small group of travelers. In 2006 we launched our current website to meet the requirements of travelers from all around the world.

But we realized there was much more to do than this.  So we started offering a full-quality service including tourism services in Buenos Aires and in Argentina. This way we could fullfill the needs of travelers who also wanted something more out their buenos aires trip. Argentina has so many wonderfull destinations where to travel, and we could help people get there by expanding our line of work.

As our main business works with properties in Buenos Aires, we knew we could also expand towards another line of work: Real Estate. This division works along with the rentals area, as we invite inverstors from Argentina but also from all around the world to find the great benefits that real estate in buenos aires could offer. So we advise and help find apartments in buenos aires that could later be offered as vacation rentals. Using the vast information we learnt from the years, we can advise as no one else about what is the best type of apartments to buy, what is the best area to invest in, and much more.

We hope you enjoy are blog posts, and all the shared travel information about buenos aires we can bring to your homes.

>> For full information about our services: www.bairesapartments.com

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