Understanding Palermo, Alto Palermo, Palermo Soho, and Palermo Hollywood

Buenos Aires Apartments in Palermo

The first thing we learned as a rental company was the particular preferences travelers had when it came to where to stay.  Of course this makes perfect sense!  Perhaps the most important factor of a vacation is where you want to stay.  And location in turn is critically linked to what you want to do–the best locations bring you closest to the activities you want to do.

An explosion in restaurants, bars, theatres, and clubs, in addition to the beautiful parks and green spaces, has made the barrio of Palermo the top choice among tourists.  And it’s easy to understand why.  It’s near impossible to walk a street of Palermo without finding an exciting new restaurant, bar, or club.

Another reason for Palermo’s popularity is the University of Palermo, which supports a student exchange program that brings thousands of international students into the city every year.  The Palermo nightlife is some of the liveliest in Buenos Aires.

However, look at a map and you’ll notice that the area known as Palermo isn’t simply called Palermo.  In fact Palermo constitutes a number of neighborhoods in the same area:  Palermo, Palermo Alto, Palermo Soho, and Palermo Hollywood.

So exactly what are all these Palermos and where are they?

Palermo, as a whole, is the largest barrio in Buenos Aires.  Belgrano borders it to the north, to the south Recoleta, to east the Rio de la Plata, and to the west are Colegiales and Villa Crespo.  Over 250,000 porteños call Palermo home.

Avenida Santa Fe is the main artery that runs through Palermo, and what is commonly referred to as simply Palermo constitutes the area between Avenida Santa Fe and Avenida del Libertador and between Ave. Bullrich and Ave. Coronel Diaz.  Alto Palermo shopping mall occupies the edge of Santa Fe and Coronel Diaz, near the Palermo’s border with Recoleta and Barrio Norte.  This area is also called Alto Palermo.

The trendy area of Palermo Soho can be found between Santa Fe and Cordoba to the north and south and Scalabrini Ortiz and Juan B. Justo to the east and west.  At the heart of this area lies Plaza Serrano, where a smattering of restaurants and bars surround a small plaza, which on summer nights stirs with diners well into the night.

Continuing northwest, Juan B. Justo marks the change from Palermo Soho to Palermo Hollywood.  In the 1990s a large number of TV and radio producers begin to move into this fashionable area and the name Hollywood arose.

Of course these boundaries are not exact, and many of Palermo’s areas overlap one another.  Our intention is to provide tourists and clients with a better understanding of the city.  Of course this is in addition to offering the best possible accommodations in Buenos Aires.

Check out our selection of apartments for rent in Palermo, Buenos Aires.  We have even grouped apartments in Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood together to make life easier for those new to the areas of the city.

Check our selection of apartments for rent in Palermo Buenos Aires.  We have even provided groupings of apartments in Palermo Soho or apartments in Palermo Hollywood in order to make searching for an apartment in these locations easier.

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