Are you an apartment or a hotel kind of person? Survey results!

Holiday rentals are something the majority of you have already tried, with 97% of respondents to our survey saying that they have rented an apartment at least once. On delving further, for 40% of you it is a frequent choice, while for 30% is it always the first choice.

People who rented apartments

People who rented apartments

There are two main reasons why you prefer apartments to hotels:  you get more space for less money and, above all, the freedom that they provide. Also, the possibility of experiencing living closer to locals is something that 18.5% of you value as a positive aspect.

Reasons for choosing apartments over hotels

Reasons for choosing apartments over hotels

For you, staying in an apartment is the best option when taking longer trips or when staying with family. It undoubtedly offers a lot of advantages: you have more space, you can ‘make it your own’, and perhaps more importantly, you have total independence to come and go as you please, to stay at home to eat, to take a rest during the day, to rearrange the room etc.

Ideal kind of trips for apartments

Ideal kind of trips for apartments

As one of the tales you gave us recounts, staying in an apartment allows you to plan your meals and to eat healthier as a result: a good idea is to look for a nearby supermarket on the first day and to do a healthy food shop… but then you get hooked on the local food and end up having to give the fresh stuff to neighbours!

Speaking of neighbours, many of your stories tell how living with locals gives you the chance to get to know local customs and traditions, and to even be invited to birthdays and other colourful celebrations.

We have really enjoyed reading your stories about your stays in apartments. Some of them seem incredible; with one apartment stay even demonstrating an adventurous personality being rewarded by fate: years after losing touch with an old flame due to long distance, the apartment rented by our friend for her holiday (we´ll call her Laura) ended up being in the same block as his! They bumped into each other in the lift and… let´s just say all those rooms weren´t needed!

However, there are things that hotels offer that you miss: the daily care, maintenance and cleaning of rooms. We´re continuing to work hard and innovate so that this is no longer a problem! What would you like for us to do to fix it?

[SURVEY] So, are you a hotel or an apartment kind of person?

Hotel or apartment? Both options are very different and each one has its benefits. Where did you have the best stories?  In a private apartment or in the lobby of a hotel? Answer this 5 questions – it won’t take you more than a minute – and let us know: Are you a hotel or an apartment kind of person?

Share your experience with us and you will learn from other´s experiences!

 Hotel Vs Apartments

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Buenos Aires Apartment Rental vs Hotels

Vacation rental in Buenos Aires

In prior posts, we discussed the benefits of renting an apartment rather than staying in a hotel while visiting or studying in Buenos Aires.  Some of these benefits included the freedom of living on your own (like a true porteño), saving money by cooking meals in your own kitchen, and the ability to split accommodation costs when traveling with multiple people rather than paying for multiple hotel rooms.

Buenos aires vacation rentals are the preferred choice of both veteran globetrotters and those visiting the port city for the first time.  Fueling this new trend are the myriad advantages, not to mention savings, gained by staying in your own residence.  In some occasions, renters have saved nearly 90% over hotel rates and averaged between 40%-70% savings, depending on the length of their stay and other factors.

Incase these savings aren’t enough to convince you to rent with BAires Apartments, we’ve highlighted what we believe are the prime advantages of renting an apartment while in Buenos Aires.

-A vacation rental gives you the option to cook your own meals.  Rather than spend money and time in a restaurant every time you want to eat, our fully equipped kitchens allow you to cook what you want, when you want it, cutting costs at the same time.  Have breakfast at your apartment while still in your pajamas!

-Vacation rentals are a great option for families and groups traveling together.  When traveling with a number of people, hotel stays require multiple rooms, each at their own price.  An apartment offers ample space for multiple people at one price.

-Renters enjoy greater privacy.  Coming and going from your apartment is a breeze, and you can even invite a few guests over–something never allowed in a hotel.

-With an apartment, you have more than a few square meters of living space; you have your own home.  Living in an apartment provides more space and more comfort than the confines of a hotel room.  After a day of site seeing and excursions, retire to your own residence and relax in comfort.

-Vacation rentals are perfect for longer stays.  If you plan on staying for more than just a few days in Buenos Aires, which is a necessity if you truly wish to explore this amazing city, an apartment will cost much less than most hotels.  And if you plan on staying for months or years, the choice should be clear.

-Apartment rentals offer a range of accommodations that can fit a variety of budgets and needs.  Here at BAires Apartments we have a wide selection from low budget apartment rentals to Buenos Aires luxury apartments, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs.

So before your next trip, be sure to consider your particular needs and desires while traveling.  If would like to lower the costs of traveling expenses, increase the comfort and privacy of your stay, and enjoy the freedom of a home away from home, please check out our site

Feel free to leave any comments or questions that come to mind!