Dance the Tango in Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires Dance Tango

Throughout history, Argentina has produced a number of notable exports, from international soccer stars to fine wines. However, its most enduring contribution may be the intimate dance and passion known as Tango. Born out the immigrant communities of Buenos Aires in the 1800s, Tango drew from a mix of European and African influences and quickly grew in popularity. By the early 1900s it reached Paris and flourished, sparking a worldwide dancing craze. Today, both the dance and the culture surrounding Tango continue to be an emblem of Argentina.

Below, we have listed recommendations of where to experience the passion of Tango while in Buenos Aires. This includes Tango shows (often restaurants with dinner shows), Tango lessons, and Milongas.

COMPLEJO TANGO SHOW This magnificent display of Tango tells the history of the dance in five memorable scenes. A renowned orchestra accompanies the professional Tango dancers and signers.

Occupying one of the oldest corners in the city, El Querandí began its existence as a bar in 1920. It was the favorite spot of intellectuals, poets, writers, and students before political repression shut its doors in the later 20th century. In the early 1990s the bar was restored and reopened for business in 1992. Today the Buenos Aires’s Museum of the City considers El Querandí a “living testimony of the civil memory.” Enjoy this historical bar with their dinner and Tango show.

Named after one of the most famous Tango signers, and located next to his statue on the street named after him, Esquina Carlos Gardel offers a grand Tango show with elegant dinning in a lavish setting.


ESQUINA HOMERO MANZI Like Esquina Carlos Gardel, this Tango dinner show also takes its name from a Tango star of Argentina. Homero Manzi revolutionized Tango with his poetic lyrics in addition to enjoying a successful career as a journalist, playwright, and film director. The show features a quintet of piano, double bass, bandoneon, violin, and guitar.

Located in luxurious Puerto Madero, Madero Tango blends state-of-the-art staging with the timelessness of Tango. A giant projection screen, modern stage design and sound equipment, and gourmet food guarantee a top-notch experience.

Located in historic San Telmo, the street corner that Viejo Almacen occupies was first constructed in the 18th century. In 1969 Viejo Almacen was transformed into a Tanguería where they have continued to preserve the spirit of the Tango in a renowned show.

To see more information and prices of Tango shows, we invite you to check all the recommendations here: Buenos Aires Tango .

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