2-day Buenos aires guide for art lovers

For art lovers, we offer a 2 day schedule to enjoy from the different artistic expressions located in different spots of the city. With this guide we propose a tour through the art in Buenos Aires, bearing in mind all the important information to consider.

Day 1

– 09:30

We’ll start our tour in the National museum of fine arts (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes) located in 1473 Libertador Av.

Inaugurated in 1932, the museum exhibits over 1500 pieces of national and international artists. It also has temporary exhibitions that can be of artists recognized in the whole world or of new artists.

National Museum of Bellas Artes

The National Museum of Fine Arts, an icon in the city landscape

After enjoying the exquisite art that the National Museum of fine arts has to offer we can continue our day with a little bit of Latin-American art, but not without having lunch first.

- 12:00 hs.

On our way to the Latinamerican Art Museum (Museo Nacional de Arte Latinoamericano - MALBA), located on the street called Pres. Figueroa Alcorta, we will find magnificent culinary options for all the tastes.

For gourmet food lovers, you can enjoy of a wonderful lunch in Red Point. In this restaurant, there are many specialties prepared with seafood or the best Argentinean meat.

Located a few meters away from Red Point, you’ll find Dashi, a restaurant that offers the most traditional Japanese food.

Located next to the museum we’ll find Café des Arts. This French restaurant offers international dishes in the finest area and the best personalized attention.

- 14:00 hs

We start put visit to the Latinamerican Art Museum (MALBA) located in 3415 Pres. Figueroa Alcorta Av.  

MALBA Museum

MALBA – Latin American Art Museum

The MALBA is dedicated to latinamerican art of the twentieth century. At present it exhibits paintings, sculptures, drawings, illustrations, collages, photographs and installations of latinamerican artists,

Leaving the museum, after finishing out first day surrounded by art, we can enjoy the parks located around the museum, where we can spend a beautiful time outdoors. There we will find the Floralis Genérica, a metallic sculpture located in Plaza de las Naciones Unidas.

Day 2

- 10:00 hs

Having to take in consideration the opening hour of the museums un Buenos Aires, we will start our second day taking a walk through one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Buenos Aires called Puerto Madero, which stands out for its beautiful and modern architecture.

Among the spots of Puerto Madero that we can’t miss we find “el Puente de la Mujer” (The Brigde of the woman), built in 1998 and the central Market, located in Pierina Dealessi and Macacha Guemes. There we will have different options such as fast food, pastries, home-made ice-cream, candles, pottery and even accessories of design.

- 12:00 hs

- Fortabat Art Collection

Located in 141 Olga Cossettini St., it was built by Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat. This ultra modern space located in Puerto Madero, exhibits the Fortabat family’s private collection, which includes pieces of national and international artists such as Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol.

Fortabat Art Collection

Fortabat Art Collection

- 15:00 hs

At only 20 minutes by car, the next stop in out tour will be the Museum of decorative art located in 1902 Libertador Av.

Built in 1937, the museum is a symbol of the french influence in Buenos Aires. By walking through the residence, we can appreciate the private collection of Josefina de Alvear and her husband Matías Errázuriz Ortúzar, whose families had great influence in the political matters of the country.

Decorative Art Museum

Decorative Art Museum

This way we finish our tour through the most important museums of Buenos Aires, the ones you can’t miss if you’re an art lover.

The Parks of Palermo

Los Bosques de Palermo

The barrio of Palermo is popular for more than just restaurants, chic living, and nightlife.  It also contains the most green space of any barrio in Buenos Aires.  Acres of parks complete with lakes, gardens and even a zoo allow the residents of Palermo to escape the noise and bustle of the big city without leaving their neighborhood.

Sunny afternoons and weekends bring people in droves to the parks, known as Los Bosques de Palermo.  Here they relax in the sun sipping mate, rollerblade or bike along the park’s paved streets, or rent a paddleboat andcruise one of the small lakes.  Palermo’s park system extends from Avenida Santa Fe northeast following Avenida Sarmiento towards Jorge Newbery Airport and the Rio de la Plata river.  The section of parks nearest the airport features a concentration of sport facilities including the Hipodromo, where throughout the year horses race in front of a grandstand built in the late 1800s.  Polo is another passion of Buenos Aires, and Palermo is its proud home in Argentina.  Near the Hipodromo are numerous Polo fields along with a rugby stadium, golf course, and tennis courts.

Parque 3 de Febrero is the largest of the parks.  Completed in 1875 by architect Carlos Thays, its 25 hectors consist of a number of distinct parts including a few lakes, a rose garden (el rosedal) with a beautiful white bridge, Japanese gardens (jardin japones), and a planetarium.  It’s worth taking an afternoon or more to explore this peaceful space.  In fact it may become one of your favorite places to spend a few relaxing hours.

Avenida Sarmiento splits 3 de Febrero in two, and if you follow it South you’ll arrive at Plaza Italia.  Here the intersection of Sarmiento, Avenida Santa Fe and Avenida Las Heras surrounds a large monument of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian general.  At the top of this intersection sits the city zoo, where for only a few pesos you can view Bueno’s Aires collection of animals from around the world.

Jardin Botánico

The botanical gardens lie in between Avenida Santa Fe and Las Heras.  Also designed by Carlos Thays, Jardin Botánico reflects the strong European sentiment that influenced the upper classes of Buenos Aires in the late 19th century.  This love for European styles, particularly the urban design and architecture of 1800s France, can be found throughout Buenos Aires, especially in Jardin Botánico.  Among the park’s ornate greenhouses and meandering garden paths stand 33 works of art placed beside arrays of meticulously maintained flora.  Not surprisingly these sculptors, monuments, and busts mimic important works of European art.  The garden even features separate sections dedicated to the particular gardening styles of Italy and France.

A little quieter than 3 de Febrero, the botanical gardens is the perfect place to read a book or contemplate René Magritte’s theories of art. All of Palermo’s parks are free except for the Jardin Japones, which costs 16 pesos to enter.

If you wish for the thrills of a big city with the peacefulness of nature near by, than Palermo is the place for you.

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An example of one of the Botanical Garden's sculptures




Buenos Aires Apartment Rental vs Hotels

Vacation rental in Buenos Aires

In prior posts, we discussed the benefits of renting an apartment rather than staying in a hotel while visiting or studying in Buenos Aires.  Some of these benefits included the freedom of living on your own (like a true porteño), saving money by cooking meals in your own kitchen, and the ability to split accommodation costs when traveling with multiple people rather than paying for multiple hotel rooms.

Buenos aires vacation rentals are the preferred choice of both veteran globetrotters and those visiting the port city for the first time.  Fueling this new trend are the myriad advantages, not to mention savings, gained by staying in your own residence.  In some occasions, renters have saved nearly 90% over hotel rates and averaged between 40%-70% savings, depending on the length of their stay and other factors.

Incase these savings aren’t enough to convince you to rent with BAires Apartments, we’ve highlighted what we believe are the prime advantages of renting an apartment while in Buenos Aires.

-A vacation rental gives you the option to cook your own meals.  Rather than spend money and time in a restaurant every time you want to eat, our fully equipped kitchens allow you to cook what you want, when you want it, cutting costs at the same time.  Have breakfast at your apartment while still in your pajamas!

-Vacation rentals are a great option for families and groups traveling together.  When traveling with a number of people, hotel stays require multiple rooms, each at their own price.  An apartment offers ample space for multiple people at one price.

-Renters enjoy greater privacy.  Coming and going from your apartment is a breeze, and you can even invite a few guests over–something never allowed in a hotel.

-With an apartment, you have more than a few square meters of living space; you have your own home.  Living in an apartment provides more space and more comfort than the confines of a hotel room.  After a day of site seeing and excursions, retire to your own residence and relax in comfort.

-Vacation rentals are perfect for longer stays.  If you plan on staying for more than just a few days in Buenos Aires, which is a necessity if you truly wish to explore this amazing city, an apartment will cost much less than most hotels.  And if you plan on staying for months or years, the choice should be clear.

-Apartment rentals offer a range of accommodations that can fit a variety of budgets and needs.  Here at BAires Apartments we have a wide selection from low budget apartment rentals to Buenos Aires luxury apartments, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs.

So before your next trip, be sure to consider your particular needs and desires while traveling.  If would like to lower the costs of traveling expenses, increase the comfort and privacy of your stay, and enjoy the freedom of a home away from home, please check out our site BAiresApartments.com

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